Lindi unveils guidelines on sesame buying
16 May 2019

Dar es Salaam. Lindi Region has announced new guidelines for companies and individuals preparing to buy sesame during the 2019/2020 market season expected to kick off on 25, May. The regional office released a statement saying that the sesame products will be collected from farmers before being taken to auction centres through their respective cooperative unions. “Buyers (companies and individuals) must purchase sesame products from authorized auctions to be conducted on Saturdays and Sundays every week in respective farming areas,” the statement reads.

The arrangement which was first introduced in the last season has been positively received by farmers who say it was more convenient and efficient compared to the previous system. With the new system, no buyer are directed to to register at Lindi regional offices if they are to be allowed access market places and not otherwise. According to the guidelines, companies or individuals wanting to buy the crop will have to have valid business license, TIN/VAT certificates, tax clearance, certificate of registration and a bank statement. They are also required to pay Sh2 million in Uhuru Torch contributions.

Tanzania is Africa’s largest producer of sesame seeds and one of the continent’s largest exporters, according to the latest available data from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). The crop is extremely important in particular Lindi region. According to the most recent research from 2010, 44,000 families grew sesame in Lindi and the neighbouring region of Mtwara, about 12 percent of all agricultural households. An official from Lindi regional office told The Citizen that the new guidelines are the results of a meeting in April between Regional Commissioner Godfrey Zambi and buyers.