Culture of sesame will be discussed in Canarana (MT)
03/05/2019 - 12:53

Embrapa and the City of Canarana will hold a meeting on the sesame crop at the Canarana Rural Union. During the meeting there will be a talk by researcher Nair Arriel about the latest variety launched by Embrapa, BRS AnahÝ. The unbranched growth habit of the BRS AnahÝ variety allows to grow more plants per hectare and facilitates mechanized harvesting. The cultivar has presented high productivity in the soil of Canarana, which has attracted the attention of the producers of the region. In addition, the seeds of the cultivar Embrapa are larger than the seeds available in the market and the characteristics of color, brightness and flavor are more attractive for the food industry. Not to mention the high oil content, which reaches 52% of the weight of the seed.

Because it is not very demanding in water, sesame has proven to be an ideal crop for the second crop in Mato Grosso, where Canarana stands out with more than 90% of the national production. Due to the great economic importance of sesame to Canarana, the City Hall, in partnership with the producers of the region, Embrapa, Empaer and other local institutions, is seeking to increase the production of sesame in the municipality. Those interested in learning more about this culture should contact the Canarana Rural Union. Other information: (66) 3478-1284.