Sesame growers call for govt support

November 6 2018


The Zimbabwe Sesame Growers Association has called for government support through the promotion of value edition of the crop which is finding its way to neighbouring Mozambique at the expense of the farmers.The association is seeking a legislative framework that ensures Sesame seed is beneficiated locally before export as local farmers are being given a raw deal by buyers who profiteer when exporting.


Our seed is finding its way to countries like Mozambique where it is then beneficiated and buyers benefit from the fruits of local farmers’ labour. Apart from legislative support, we need more support from both government and the private sector in form of contract growing schemes,” said Mr Donmore Gombe, the Sesame Growers Association President.Sesame is a drought resistant small seed which is not affected by quelea birds and does not require chemicals and fertilisers.The seed is used in the production of various products such as cooking oil, peanut butter and it also has medicinal value while it also is a source of the much needed foreign currency.