Indigenous people produce sesame in the Chaco
19 June 2019

Some 25 indigenous families dedicated to the plantation of sesame and settled in the area of Tiberia Samaria (Boquerón) managed to produce 500 kilos per hectare and sell it at a price of G. 7,000 to G. 8,500 per kilo. Mr. Juan Gayoso, a technician from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, who provides assistance to native communities of the Chaco, informed this newspaper that there are several indigenous Chaco communities that are dedicated to the seeding of sesame as income, including communities of Campo Loa, Laguna Negra and MariscalEstigarribia. They are from the Nivaclé and Guaraní Ñandeva biases, he said.

He also commented that soon these indigenous communities will also venture into items such as peanuts, also as income products.In addition, they have plantings for self-consumption, such as sweet potato, cassava, squash, pumpkin, beans; in the field of vegetables they grow tomatoes, locote and bulb onions, among others. For this the MAG provides them with the seeds, he said. "They need technical assistance and provision of inputs. They want to improve and get ahead and they are achieving it with the good production they are achieving in sesame and starting in August in the production of peanuts also for cultivation of income, "said Mr. Gayoso.