Yellow sesame seeds on the way to Japan
sep 14 2019

It manufactured with the highest quality sesame Turkey's Mugla Gokova basin in the traditional method. Oil is high and the aroma is very tasty yellow sesame is the biggest demand of the Japanese.

The biggest customer of Gökova, which is produced by traditional methods, in the Ula district of Muğla in recent years is Japan. The Japanese use traditional food as a decorative product for making shushi and cooking. After the start of the sesame harvest, Japanese exporters from Japan and Gökova came to the sesame field. In the Gökova basin, an area of ​​9 thousand decares is cultivated with yellow sesame seeds. The yellow sesame, which is organically grown without fertilizer, is cultivated in June. After the products are cut and left to dry in September 18-20 days later, the main product is whipped out by traditional methods. Because of its air and soil, it is expected to yield 100 tons of yellow sesame which is grown only in Gökova basin in Muğla region. "We are exporting sesame seeds grown in Gökova to Japan.

This year, no problems are expected in the products. The weather conditions are very suitable and the sesame crop seems to be abundant. We buy from every region we work as a company. We export them all to Japan. They use the yellow Suma in salads for decoration and traditional food in Sushi. " The Sesame of Japanese traders bought Masashi Tanugich: "We come to Turkey every year from Japan. We come to see and where to take Sesame Season September. We use sesame seeds in different fields in Japan. We use it for decoration purposes. We use it for sushi. Every year we buy products with exporters channels come to Turkey, "he said. IHA