The export of 18 sesame trucks in Halfa Valley is in violation of procedures
oct 2 2019

The Ministry of Industry and Trade, on Tuesday, stopped the completion of the procedures (18) truck loaded with sesame commodity in the port of Wadi Halfa in the northern state, prepared for export abroad because of some procedural and substantive violations, related to the movement of exports in addition to some other requirements related to deportation Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Mohammed Ali Abdullah, said in press statements, according to Al-Shorouk that stopping these trucks was due to procedural and objective violations, adding that the quantities stopped according to the foundations and policies should have been exported by sea and not by land.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Industry and Trade pointed out that the papers held by the violating exporter are not issued by the real exporter according to the data of the register of exporters and importers at the Ministry of Industry and Trade. In cooperation with the competent authorities This was the details of the suspension of the export of 18 trucks Sesame Valley Halfa violation of the procedures for today, we hope that we have been successful to give you the full details and information