Why is Henan Pingyu "the first county in China for white sesame seeds"?
05 December 2019

People's Network Zhengzhou, December 5 (Shi Guoqing) As of December 2019, the annual processing capacity of white sesame in Pingyu County, Henan Province has exceeded 50 million kilograms. The series of products are sold throughout the country and exported to more than 20 countries and regions. Exports account for one-third of the country's total, and it has become the largest county in the country. According to reports, since the 1990s, the production of white sesame in Pingyu County has remained at about 300,000 kg. Beginning in 2013, the white sesame in Pingyu County has achieved the gorgeous transformation of “one small step in one year and one big step in three years”. The average planting area of Pingyu white sesame has increased by more than 5% per year, and the average yield per mu has been more than 20 kg from the 1950s. Increased to 100 kg now, sesame exports accounted for one third of the country in 2018, and it can be called "the largest county in white sesame production in the country".

Precise positioning Long-term planning "Industrial development is inseparable from the government's leadership and long-term planning." The person in charge of Pingyu White Sesame Office believes that the county's white sesame ranks first in the country with a total output of 40 million kilograms. Inseparable. Pingyu County Party Secretary Zhang Huaide introduced that in the 1980s, Pingyu White Sesame was a well-sold product in the international market. It was awarded the title of "quality product" by the Ministry of Economy and Trade as early as 1980. Influenced by the economic tide, planting area and yield began to decline sharply.

In order to reverse the decline, Pingyu County took white sesame as one of the "five pillar industries" of county economic development, explored and promoted a new development model of "leading enterprises + professional cooperatives + bases + farmers", and vigorously carried out land transfer, guidance, support, Farmers are encouraged to carry out large-scale planting of white sesame, which has effectively promoted the development of the white sesame industry in the direction of "continuous planting, characteristic zoning, block radiation, and cluster development". Pingyu white sesame industry is once again full of vitality. Precise positioning has effectively promoted capital injection and land circulation. Taking the national revitalization of oil production plan as an opportunity, the implementation of high-yield creation activities and oil doubling plan, the establishment of 50,000 acres of white sesame green agricultural product production base and 200,000 acres of white sesame pollution-free production base; construction of 30,000 acres of organic white sesame test base Corresponding cultivation technical regulations and pest and disease control technical regulations have been formulated.

As of this year, the county's planting area of white sesame is 400,000 mu, with an output of 100 kilograms per mu, with a total output of 40 million kilograms or more. According to statistics, since 2016, the county's white sesame business has increased to more than 50, and the number of professional white sesame plantation cooperatives has exceeded 200, with an annual processing capacity of more than 50 million kilograms.

Source: http://www.sohu.com/a