The only producer of sesame in Ukraine increases the area under crop
23 may 2019

Only Ascanian State Agricultural Experimental Station of the Institute of Irrigated Agriculture NAAS is engaged in growing sesame in Ukraine. Given the high demand for sesame seeds, the station staff decided to expand the crops. In the current climatic conditions of southern Ukraine, sesame can be successfully cultivated, although he did not have time to mature in our country before, said Vera Konovalova, deputy director for research at the Askania experimental station.

Growing sesame can be attractive to farmers engaged in vegetable growing and having a plant for drip irrigation. Experimental station is ready to cooperate with these farmers, providing technology to popularize and spread culture, says a researcher. Today, all sesame on the shelves of Ukrainian stores is an imported product. The price of sesame seeds produced in India comes to 70 UAH / kg when packed in bags. From 1 ha in the conditions of Ukraine you can get 1-1.5 tons of seed yield.