The new favorite of the farmer; SESAME
27 Ağustos 2019

SESAME PLANT AREA INCREASING Batman Chamber of Agriculture Secretary-General Ebubekir Dogan, sesame which is great return on the farmer 's new favorite in recent years, he said. Dogan, increase in input costs, wheat, corn and cotton as a result of the sale of products on the real value of many producers in the region are turning to sesame seeds, he said. Dogan, said: “Sesame is yielding 100-150 kilograms per decare. This product, which is mainly used in the production of tahini, is expected to increase the cultivation area by layers. Local farmers who cannot plant other crops due to imbalances in climatic conditions are now turning to sesame planting. In case of an increase in the usage areas of the product and the development of technology that will enable machine harvesting, it will be inevitable that the sesame farming will be expanded further. ”(News Center)