San Pedro: after rains, sesame producers start planting
oct 07 2019

The main items in the Barber area are soy and maize, which are grown from 5 to 200 hectares. Another strong item is sesame. With the rain reaching 60 mm in some places we can start planting, "Bonifacio Romero, producer, told Radio Nacional. He said that the ideal time for sesame seeding starts in October and extends until early November is the ideal time for sesame seeding. “The last rains were very timely. Government technification and assistance raise expectations. They will provide the necessary machinery, all the seeding work will be done for the third week of this month, ”he clarified.

He added that the expectation is high for sesame producers as it will cost between 6000 and 6500 guarani per kilo for the start of the next harvest. "Many are going to increase this item, probably can triple the production of last year." He indicated that in San Pedro the producers already have mechanized plots and the works are done with tractors. “It's no longer time for machete and hoe. Technology drives us to compete in the market and the only way out is mechanization, "he said. Colonia Barbero has about 1200 hectares with mechanized crops for about 6 years, with direct and conventional planting systems. During the "Sesame campaign 2019-2020" it was announced that the objective at the departmental level is to plant about 23,800 hectares, involving about 14,530 small and medium-sized producers from 21 districts.