Turkey’s favourite snack simit sees price hike in Istanbul
Jan 05 2020


The price of simit, sesame crusted bread that is a national favourite snack, has increased to 2 lira (34 cents) in Turkey’s largest city of Istanbul, news site Diken reported on Sunday.

The price hike, from 1.75 lira, follows a decision by the country’s Confederation of Merchants and Craftsmen (TESK) in October and became effective on Sunday, it said.

The price increase is brought on by a sharp price hike over the past year in sesame seeds and flour, vital ingredients in Turkey’s favourite snack.

The price of sesame seeds shot up to 16 lira per kg, from 9 lira in 2019, while the price of flour has risen to 3 lira from 1.8 lira at the end of last year.

Source: https://ahvalnews.com/