MAG guarantees that the price of sesame will be G. 6,000
oct 15 2019

Agriculture and Livestock, Rodolfo Friedmann, guaranteed the producers of the Cooperative AgroNorte Ltda., Located in the district of Guayaybí, Dpto. from San Pedro, that the price set for sesame is G. 6,000 per kilogram and that it could even be better, depending on the quality of the product.

The questioned minister Friedmann and the deputy Freddy D'Ecclesiis participated last weekend in a field day in which they acted as "farmers", performing themselves the task of planting with manual implements, before the "smile" of the producers present.

On the other hand, Minister Friedmann also went to Arroyos y Esteros (Cordillera), where he performed an act that many call welfare, by giving inputs and implements of agricultural use to producer committees.

The lot delivered cost G. 2.066 million and corresponded to 443 families in the mentioned district. One of the beneficiary organizations was the "Ladies Humble" women's committee, which received supplies and equipment.