Sesame enters the country more than US $ 33 million
13 aug 2019

Sesame has blossomed again and this year entered the country $ 33,500.0000, we regained the Japanese market and we want to reach 60,000 ha., In the Eastern region (30,000 currently), said the president of the Paraguayan Chamber of Exporters of Sesame (Capexe), Ing. Agr. Dangers Valinotti

After several years of poor harvests, low prices and even rejected shipments abroad, sesame has once again achieved interesting numbers, so it can again become an alternative for more producers to adopt this cereal, as there are more markets where We can get there, explained the head of the Capexe.

The Ing. Pericles Valinotti said that we have been able to regain confidence from the Japanese market, which has always been our main buyer of sesame confectionery, and that of Mexico, which buys us sesame oil, in addition to the good work done by producers and technicians, encourage us. to continue working, and this year we want to increase to 60,000 hectares sown in the Eastern region (30,000 currently).

We can say that this is an excellent year for the national confectionery sesame, as we have reached the 30,000 hectares sown in the Eastern region. This type of sesame is the one most planted by the small producers and which represented about 15,600 tons, unfortunately there was a small decrease at the beginning of the planting due to the drought; we paid in the field an average of G.7,500 guarani per kilo, which was not given several years ago, as the price was between G. 5,500 to 6,000 last year, and we are talking about G. 117,000,000,000 (US $ 19,500,000), which were left in the hands of producers. It is estimated that the average produced by each producer is 1.4 hectares, ”said the professional.

Sesame is also produced in the Western region of our country, but mostly in mechanized form, mainly in the Mennonite colonies.

According to data from Capexe, 20,000 hectares were planted in this area and 12,000 tons were harvested in total, which in turn brought in the country a total of G 84,000,000,000 (US $ 14,000,000), with producers paying a an average of 7,000 Guarani per kilo produced.

New harvest Tomorrow is scheduled to hold a press conference at the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, where more information will be provided on the campaign they closed, and the projects they have for this new harvest, which would be starting next September.