Sesame, one of the few items saved from the rains
June 02 2019

Sesame is practically the only item that was not completely damaged by the excessive rains of the last months, according to the referents of the sector. Gilberto Ozorio, vice president of the Paraguayan Chamber of Sesame Exporters (Capexse), said that in the Eastern Region it was possible to completely plant the planned 30,000 hectares and harvest shortly before the weather hit everything, as happened with other items, especially in soybeans To the sesame that was planted in the Eastern Region “the climatic conditions did not affect so much” and in this way, they managed to save the year and at the moment they are closing their contracts to start the exports. Overall, there is an encouraging picture, he said.

In some plots they even got the surprise of a blockbuster. “Exceptional plots were identified where they exceeded 1,000 kilos per hectare. It's because this year there were very good seeds, ”he explained. With these results, the contracts with the buyers, especially Japan, will continue without problems, which is still the main market for Paraguayan sesame, Ozorio recalled. As for prices, he said that the producer is being paid well. Currently, they receive G. 5,000 per kilo, with the agreement between industry and farmers being G. 4,500. That is to say, they are receiving G. 500 more than what they requested, which shows the good moment that the item is going through.

THE CHACO. The industry leader explained that two sesame varieties are used, the confectionery or artisan variety, which are harvested by small producers in the Eastern Region in a traditional or moderately mechanized way. Then there is the sesame of the mechanized type, which is planted in the Chaco. In the Western Region there was significant damage in 30% of the plots, Ozorio said. In this region, approximately 20,000 hectares were planted, he added. "A lot of rain fell and therefore affected the color and appearance of the product a little, that is, it affected the quality," he said.