Production of simit, Turkish bagel, hit by jump in sesame price

July 26, 2018


production of simit, a New York bagel-like bread covered with sesame seeds, is about to halt in various places due to a skyrocketing rise in sesame seed prices, according to sector players.


According to data compiled by state-run Anadolu Agency, sesame seed prices per kilo rose to 12 Turkish Liras in July by a 76.4 percent year-on-year increase.


One simit is sold for an average of 1.25 liras.


“We have seen a significant increase in sesame seed prices. We could have handled this if the sesame seed prices were at around 9 liras,” said Ahmet Yalçın, the head of the Ankara Pastry Chamber.


He noted that they do not want to hike simit prices.


If sesame seed prices continue to rise, the producers plan to halt the production of Ankara simit, which is famous with more sesame seed ingredient than others, Yalçın added.


“Due to the skyrocketing increase in sesame seed prices, our simit production is unfortunately about to stop,” he noted.


According to Yalçın, some sesame seed importers have been stockpiling their supply, fueling further price increase.


In Turkey, simits are sold from carts on every street corner and eaten plain, sometimes with cheese, usually with a cup of hot tea.